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Saeed Ghani

Saeed Ghani Ubtan Soap

Saeed Ghani Ubtan Soap

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Unlock the secret to glowing and rejuvenated skin with Saeed Ghani’s Ubtan Soap, a must-have for gentle,supple & ethereal skin as it helps remove sunburn and excess tan, clear skin deeply, and provides a thorough cleanse. Infused with the goodness of ingredients like turmeric powder, coconut oil, castor oil and glycerin, the quick, long lasting result it delivers is promising,  halting excess oil, grease, fighting acne and blackheads, and clearing skin with its antibacterial properties, leaving it clear, clean and fresh. This makes it a must have in any skin routine, especially for oily skin, and creates the ultimate pathway to smooth, supple, soft skin.

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