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Biocos Neem Soap

Biocos Neem Soap

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Biocos Neem Soap blends together all the goodness of naturally derived ingredients to keep your skin protected at all times. The oils of Neem, which contain antibacterial and anti fungal properties, protect your skin from harsh environmental conditions.

Biocos Neem soap is a product made from Neem Tree extracts. The ingredients of Biocos Neem Soap includes essential fatty acids that nourish the skin. The oil from the neem tree easily penetrates the skin to soothe even dry and itchy areas. The oil can also help in restoring skin pigmentation and reducing skin tone irregularities.

Biocos Neem soap bar has several benefits. People having sensitive skin may use it without hesitation. The BIOCOS neem soap bar can be used to treat and prevent skin problems in general from dry skin, wrinkles, skin ulcers and itchy scalp among many other skin conditions.
Bathing with neem soap bar can kill the bacteria that cause acne and hence reduce inflammation caused by acne. The soap can also be used to wash the skin affected by psoriasis to reduce the itching and redness of the affected area and improve the condition of the skin throughout the whole period.
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