How to get the perfect matte lips! :)

How to get the perfect matte lips! :)

Matte Lipsticks are a trendy and chic style you can wear to work or wedding. As effortless as it seems achieving this matte pout is more high maintenance as you’d think. And because we’re all complete lipstick addicts, we have compiled many matte lipstick hacks to make the look last longer and gives a fresh look- keep scrolling to find out some easy tricks to help elevate your matte lipstick game

Prep Your Lips

  1. To give a good matte lipstick look and avoid the flaky lip look, exfoliate your lips regularly with lip exfoliate balm-or you can mix toothpaste with brown sugar to exfoliate your lips and make them softer. This will help your matte lipstick to settle easily on your lips
  • Now remove the exfoliator remains from your lips using a wipe (be careful not to remove excess foundation around your lips)
  • Apply a thin layer of any lip balm to keep your lips hydrated, in case your lips get too oily kiss the back of your hand, so that there is just a feel of balm on your lips
  • Take a tissue paper and translucent powder, pull apart the layers of tissue and place one ply over your lips and dab some translucent powder with brush or with your fingers lightly on your lips, over the tissue.

Alert: If you apply the powder directly, it might dry your lips too much and give cakey look.

Make an Outline and Use Concealer as base coat

  • To keep your lips looking crisp and neat try applying a very small amount of concealer with a concealer brush around the perimeter of your mouth.
  • Sampure Minerals Matte Lipstick is super pigmented and does not bleed easily so take the same shade lip liner and outline your lips (so avoid mistakes in the first place)

Apply Lipstick like a Pro

  • As beautiful and polished a matte lipstick can look, always apply it with extreme care to avoid messy look. Take your Sampure Minerals Matte Lipstick out and remove excess lipstick from the brush before you start applying

Play with the Look

  • After applying your lipstick when it dries you can see that the dried out look might be too bold for you, so just to make your look more laid back add a clear gloss on it.
  • Or you can just dab a bit of highlighter on centre of your lower lip to make your pout look more fuller

Touch Up that Pout

  1. This will help your look last longer, for removing it just use some Vaseline on your makeup wipe and clean up!

Sampure Minerals Matte Lipstick

This lipstick has new matte formula glides on a thin coat color and will intensify as it sets. It is highly pigmented with a velvety finish, stays on long hours and is transfer free lipsticks that are vegan and cruelty free. They are easily available at for only PKR 2,250


The team at Purefayce has taken great care to scout the world for makeup brands that stand for the same values, and are proud to bring to you top quality, award winning makeup that is not just vegan, cruelty free, natural and completely toxin and chemical free but also certified 100% halal and water permeable. We hope that you will embark on this journey with us to adopt clean makeup habits which are good not just for your skin and body but also for this planet.

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