Nail Polish – The Pretty Poison

Nail Polish – The Pretty Poison

Any mani-pedi lovers out there?

We’ve got some BAD news!

Ever wondered what goes into making your favourite nail polish?

If you’ve never given a second thought to look at the ingredients in your nail polish, now is the time to investigate. Some of the contents pose hazard to your health!

A study at Duke University & Environmental Working Group found an endocrine disrupting element in the bodies of women who volunteered to paint their nails for the study. An element called TPHP or Triphenyl Phosphate, which is used in manufacturing of plastics as a fire retardant for foam furnitures, was found to be absorbed in the body via nail polishes.

The urine samples of these women, both before and after getting manicures, were tested. Within 10 to 14 hours the level of DPHP in their bodies was seven times higher than it was before they put on nail paint. After 20 hours, the levels continued to rise till they reached their peak.

Scary, huh?

‘Five-Free’ not-so ‘free’ after-all

Most nail polish brands market that they are ‘three-free’ of ‘five-free’ and that one of these chemicals are phthalates. When in reality, they’ve only managed to substitute phthalates with TPHP - something of a regrettable substitute. Both chemicals are suspected to be endocrine disrupters that have an impact on the functioning of hormones.

It is important to get educated about the products that we use, and their levels of toxicity and safety. This can only be achieved through research and reading up on the ingredients put on the label of our beauty products.

Be nit-picky

There is a misconception that since nail polish isn’t rubbed directly onto the skin, it doesn’t get absorbed. In reality, a lot of nail polishes have ingredients that increase absorption, and through contact with cuticles these harmful chemicals are then absorbed into the body.

In conclusion, you don’t have to completely swear of getting mani-pedis. All you have to do is choose better, and safer options available in the market. Go for organic or vegan options in nail polish that contain safe ingredients which are derived from nature itself and pose NO harm to you or the environment.

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