Mastering the Eye Makeup

Mastering the Eye Makeup

Going for the perfect style means you must have the perfect eye makeup. Although, every step of makeup is important, but it is the eyes that define your entire appearance and give you a direction for your makeup. Whether going for a subtle look for a meeting or something bold for a fancy evening, you always have a picture in your mind of how you want to be seen. And while some people might not have a specific pattern as to how they start and end their makeup routine, most people and specially makeup artists and influencer start it with the eyes. How you do them defines the whole course and tones of your makeup.

Eye makeup, as easy as it might look in the tutorial videos we watch, is a little tricky. It requires your focused attention, right combination of colors and tools and the most of all, the right technique. Not having the right method of makeup application might make you seem like you got punched. But do not worry, it never comes naturally to a person. Perfection always takes practice, practice, and practice!

In this blog we mention the little tips you can take care of if you want to get the exact look as you saved in your gallery for inspiration.

  1. The Right Tools:

When you start learning, all eye shadow brushes look the same. But there is a variety of different brushes used for every different purpose. For basics, they vary based on their width, puffiness, and softness of their bristles. Having a complete guide on what type of brush is used for what purpose is very essential to get the color effect right.

All brushes used should have soft bristles that do not spill the shadow powder on the rest of your face and blend it perfectly. The flat brushes with compact bristles are used to do the inner side, i.e. the lid, where a concentrated color is required. As we keep moving outwards the brushes increase in thickness and get less compact. Finally, the perfect blend is created with wide puffy brush that evens out the color across the lid.

Similarly, for eyeliners there are several different tools in the market. You can always choose one you are comfortable with among Gel, Marker, or Liquid Eyeliners. We also prefer using eyeliner brush or liner pencil for a better grip and shape.

  • Right Tones:

Choosing the colors always depends on your preferences, wardrobe, and the nature of event you are attending. The perfect transition comes from a combination of minimum two or three similar tone colors that give a nice transition on the lid. Starting with the lightest color on the outside, we work our way inwards with darker shades. Similar tone colors in the tone of brown, rust and grey can be used when going for a casual or formal image, while bright colors are perfect to show some creativity with your look. Go for different Eye shadow Palettes for different moods. Add some glitter to your lids. The most common trend of smokey eye itself has a lot of different feels. The prime color ‘black or grey’ can be blended with several colors to get the perfect smokey feel matching your outfit. Nicely done brows with a brow pencil of your natural color can give your whole look a highlight.

  • The Right Technique:

After choosing the right tools and colors, you must know how to apply the products to get a clean and well-defined effect. Follow the right tips for a better result. Start by applying some concealer to your lids along with some loose powder to get the smooth surface to work the colors on. Now that you have a nice base, start by applying a light base color complementing your skin color. Pick a slightly darker shade and work your way along the crease with soft strokes. The darker shade is then applied to the lid with stiffer strokes to get a contrast. A nice blend with the right eye shadow brush can even the product forming a nice transition of color giving you the best eye shadow.

Finally, finish it off with the perfect wing you want to go for and a thick coat of mascara making your eyes look bigger and more prominent. Carry an appearance that gives you confidence and enhances your beauty. Play around with different patterns. Explore new methods and see what suits you best. Match your eye makeup with a lip color that finishes your look. If you have chosen a light subtle style for your them, a dark lipstick might go well with it. Or if you have gone for something bold try a light perhaps nude touch to your lips. When someone talks to you, they glance into your eyes. So, try giving them a pleasant sight to keep the conversation interesting and going.

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