Lipstick- Your Own Magic Wand

Lipstick- Your Own Magic Wand

Looking at some girl and being instantly impressed with her look is something we experience quite often. But, how do we get impressed by only a glance at someone’s face. Well, there is something so prominent in their look that catches our attention right away and impresses us in just a click. Believe us! 9 out of 10 times it is their lip color! The one thing that stands out from everything else in a makeup look. The outline so sharp and edgy that it gives a little poke to your heart as soon as you look at it. Lipsticks seem to catch every eye and leave an imprint on them with their rich colors and textures. You often come across pictures on Instagram or meet someone where the shade they are wearing makes your heart melt.

In today’s world when we look around, we see almost every other girl wearing makeup. Sometimes not too heavy or detailed but they do. While there may be some exceptions, there are girls who do not wear any makeup on their face, but still might have a subtle Lip Gloss to look presentable. So. Now we have established that lipstick cannot be ignored! Lips are the most essential feature of your face that is why, adding a little color to them plays such an important role in forming your look and portraying your image. Now, it all depends on how you want to carry this Makeup with the thousands of colors, brands, and types of products. Your take on your this makeup also includes how you want to shape your lips with the color, how to compliment the color with the rest of the makeup and what colors go well with your complexion. This defines what you value and shows what you give most importance to. Some girls focus on the colors. They are very picky about them. While some equally give attention to the texture and lasting ability of the product.

Previously for the lip makeover, there only used to be sticks, but now when you browse through a brand’s collection, you will notice several different types of products. There are Lip Gloss, Lip Tint, Liners/ Pencils, and liquid colors that you can choose as per your preference. The trend, however, is going towards the use of liquid products more which are supposed to be longer lasting and have a very consistent color. Liquid Lipsticks are easy to apply and give a more defined and fuller look to your mouth. You can always apply a Liner before it, to the outlines or a little outside the outlines for a wider look. Topping off the color with a Gloss can give you the Glam that makes heads turn! The right color on your lips can make you glow like a doll or stand-out like a fashion diva. You just have to explore and identify the colors and shade that go with your look, your mood and make you look like the best version of yourself. With some subtle and matte colors, a girl can easily pull off a casual everyday look or something for a light gathering. But there are no limitations, as said above, any color can suit your mood and personality. So, if you want to carry a dark and bold color just because you feel like it, then you should do it with so much confidence that others find it inspiring. When you feel energetic, go for a vibrant shade, express your mood with color. A Nude Lipstick can be your best friend when you want to look like a goddess. Go for a lighter and dull color when you feel down or not on top of yourself. But just a little secret, you might not know that a vibrant lipstick can have some magical powers.

When we say magical powers, we mean a glam-filled spell that can elevate your mood in seconds! Ever heard of such magic that you can do with your own fingertips. The magic spell starts with choosing the best magic wand, a bright shade, a firm hand, then all you have to do, is brush the color against your lip and magic starts working. It starts by putting a smile on your face, giving you shiny lips, then works its way up your eyes, they sparkle with confidence. Finally, the it uplifts your whole mood and brings your mood to a strong confident level. It lifts your face high, straightens your posture and trust us when we say it sometimes make you look taller. No, it does not make you look taller, but when pass by a mirror in the alley and lay a glance at your reflection, this is what you see. Being honest, a lipstick can add color to your boring life and make it exciting. That is how the magic this wand works!

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