How to get the flawless foundation

How to get the flawless foundation

Applying a smooth foundation is the first step to have a stunning make-up look. There are certain considerations while applying foundation to achieving that oh – so – professional look!

The first thing to consider is carefully viewing the ingredients. Just like we assume our body becomes healthy if we eat more and more healthy food, similarly, for a perfect make-up look the ingredients of the products must be healthy. Find yourself a foundation that is chemical free and made from plant extracts and free of any animal fat and other such ingredients.

If your skin breaks out after makeup application, you are allergic to various ingredients of foundation.  Try vegan cosmetics that are natural and made of healthy ingredients. Will the vegan-based foundation give you the smooth finish? YES, YES and YES. Not only does it give your skin the flawless look but also benefits the skin in the long run. As we have ascertained the need for Vegan cosmetics, look for cruelty free cosmetics. Cosmetics that are ethically produced without harming any living creature are certified as “cruelty free”. Support these brands as they are working to ensure a safe environment for all living creatures.

Now customize the vegan, cruelty free brand to your skin type. Things to consider when buying a foundation 1) Shade matching your skin 2) Density of foundation allowing you to choose between full coverage to light coverage and 3) Ingredients

Now time for the application,

  • Apply a moisturizer to smoothen your skin.
  • Apply a primer. Primer helps create a smooth base for the foundation and also minimizes the pores on the skin. You may choose the primer as per your skin type. Let Primer set into your skin for a few minutes.
  • Place a few drops of foundation on the back of your hand, dip your brush or blender in the foundation and apply on your skin. Don’t draw foundation dots on your face and then try to blend, it will leave your skin patchy. If you need full coverage, apply foundation in layers. Don’t apply a lot of foundation at one time, rather apply in layers.
  • Setting your foundation. Apply a little amount of face powder on the brush, tap the brush to get rid of excess powder, and softly apply on your face or specifically on those regions which are oily like t-zone. Don’t over apply powder as it will lead to a “cakey” look. Set your make-up by spraying a make-up setting spray lightly on your face at least from a distance of 12 inches.

And ta-da, you will get the smooth, dewy and flawless make-up look.

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