Eye Makeup Tips - You need to Know

Eye Makeup Tips - You need to Know

Eye makeup makes the eye more attractive and noticeable. It is a type of cosmetic that is available in various styles the females of all ages use either the matte eyeshadow or the shimmery, glossy palettes all. The young girls have also started to do makeup to its perfection, but as a beginner, they need some eye makeup tips from professional beauticians.

Eye makeup includes not only the eye shadows but also the artificial lashes, eye pencil, mascara, eyeliner, and a blending foundation and brush is also required for the perfect eye makeup.

Eye Makeup Step by Step

Certain steps need to be followed for perfect eye makeup, and the accessories which are required for that are also discussed along with the step by step procedure below:

  • First, take a blending brush and apply the Midtone to crease up the eye. Apply it by stopping under the eyebrow bone just on the eyelid.
  • Make sure to capture the eye area and covered it by creasing it up with a brush.
  • You can crease up to the length of brows that looks great for hooded eyes. It will also create a contouring effect on the eye.
  • Now, this is the time to apply the eye shadow parallel from lashes to the eyebrow point. (Tip: Β Use the colour which will match with the dress of the colour which you are wearing).
  • Use a small detailed brush and apply contour on the outer lid, make it low in the crease and do not blend too high.
  • Lightly blend the edges while applying the eye shadow to make the direction from down to upwards and mash it.
  • Apply highlight on the inner lid and focus on the inner corner of the eye. You can also mix two of the eyeshadows; one for the outer lid and one for the inner lid.
  • Use a skin-toned pencil for the borderline of the eye. For beginners, skin tone colour is best to apply, or you can apply white and black on the upper borderline.
  • Define lower lashline with the brush and apply highlighter or shimmer with your fingertip.Β 
  • Now in the last apply mascara, and then you can also use the artificial eyelashes.

The best tip here is if you want your artificial eyelashes safe for the later use then apply mascara on your natural lashes first and then put on the artificial lashes without putting mascara on it. It will make the lashes safe for prolonged use. These eye makeup steps will surely help you for best eye makeup.

Bridal Eye Makeup Tips

The professional bridal makeup artist guides Dulhan eye makeup tips, and as per them, the tips are as follows:

  • If your bridal dress is in the combination of red and golden then, do apply the golden eye shadow with shimmer and glow.
  • Cut crease eye makeup will enhance the look of the eye.
  • Ensure the perfect contouring and blending of the makeup.
  • Apply the liner carefully
  • Try to put on heavy eyelashes that will give a big eye beautiful look
  • Use double shade makeup or smoky and 3D makeup is also trending
  • Do not rub the eye after makeup

Kajal Eye Makeup Tips

Kajal makes the eyes significant and prominent; many females use kajal on a daily basis. Always make sure to take a branded kajal with do not contain any side effects. The natural kajal is best for eyes. The tip to apply kajal are:

  • Start by applying it to your lower waterline. It will make the eye more prominent
  • You can start from the outer corner of the eye in order to impact a darker black colour.
  • If you have small eyes, then do not apply kajal to the inner corners because this will make the eyes look even smaller.
  • For big eyes, apply the kajal from the inner or outer corner as per choice.

Makeup Tips for Puffy Eyes

The only tip that can help for puffy eyes is to get the best concealer for puffy eyes and apply the concealer to hide the puffiness of the eyes. After concealing, you can follow the same steps of simple eye makeup.

Makeup Tips for Hooded Eyes

The most straightforward tips to follow for hooded eye makeup is to not go for any dark eyeliner underneath the as this will close your eye up. Just blend the little shadow under eye; this will give a perfect look to the hooded eye.

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