Best Mascara for Perfect Lashes

Best Mascara for Perfect Lashes

Choosing the best style for yourself is always worthy if you are comfortable with it. Makeup has become an essential element of our life where we cannot spend a single day out without wearing makeup. Some of the girls are still out there who does not wear any makeup. However, the perfection and looks of your choice are in your hands by using cosmetics.

The first thing while talking to a person is the eye-contact which we make with the person while communicating. Eyes place a significant role, and for this, every girl wishes to look great with beautiful eyes. The attractive eyes must look perfect when you are completely dressed up for a party or for some event.

Eye makeup is very common Worldwide where the two essential items for makeup, lipstick and eyeliner or mascara give a complete proper look—wondering for flawless makeup of model or actress? Then why not try the best mascara for perfect lashes to create a diva look for yourself?

Lashes are very sensitive; however, the mascara on it makes the lashes unique, modified and defined with the perfect look. The long lashes are very attractive, and we all love the overall look of the face if the eye makeup is flawless. Applying mascara is very simple and easy, and it will give you a perfect glimpse.

Cosmetic is incomplete without a mascara! It is true that mascara has its significance when it comes to applying makeup. Mascara boxes are also available online and at stores.

Mascara Brands

The mascara brands are phenomenally innovating the mascara as this is not only available in liquid; however, a great range is available like waterproof mascara, volumizing mascaras, lengthening mascara, curling mascara, lash-defining mascara,  non-clumping mascara and many more.

The authentic brands that make these natural mascaras are many, but some are as follows:

  • Talent Cosmetics
  • Sampure
  • PHB

Talent Cosmetics

Talent Crystal Dia Power Mascara for curling up is halal and vegan. You can apply it any time as it is organic and for curling lashes. The mascara is smudge-free. Clump-free, and provides volume to lashes.


Sampure mineral mascara is non-less than magic to eyelashes. It has natural waxes and oil. It is cruelty-free, paraben-free, halal, vegan, and most significantly, it is organic. It has no side effects for eyes or lashes and is smooth, provide volume and lengthening to lashes.


This is a dream mascara as you won’t believe your beautiful eyes after applying this. It is all-in-one natural mascara which is a perfect encompassing mascara. It volumizes the lashes and has a water-resistance formula. 

It is made with organic oils and ingredients and best to strengthening and volumizing the lashes. It is halal, vegan, hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, paraben-free, as well as organic.

How to Apply Mascara

There is very simple eye makeup step, where all you need to do is to apply the eye shadow, eyeliner and then mascara. So applying mascara in the easiest and perfect way is very simple, and we have mentioned some easy steps for you to apply mascara. Get the right effect with full lashes of mascara by following these steps:

  • The first thing which you need is mascara; the black one is really good to give a natural touch and to thicken the eyelashes. When you take the mascara out just scrap out the excesses on the mascara tube from the mascara brush.
  • Look straight forward in the mirror then put the mascara brush just at the base of your lashes and wiggle it.
  • Wiggle it side to side on lashes and then sweep up
  • Keep doing this until you get your lashes aesthetic as you want
  • This is how the upper eyelashes will get the mascara coating and for down lashes, take the same mascara brush and repeat the same procedure but this time set your face in a downward angle and then put mascara from base to downward direction.
  • Wiggle it a bit side to side so that it will give a smooth look.

The lashes give a prominent glimpse; however, some people use artificial lashes to make their real lashes more beautiful if you want to keep your artificial lashes safe for long term use than always first apply mascara on your original lashes than put on artificial lashes.

Mascara Tips

Some life-changing tips for applying mascara on your lashes will definitely help you throughout life if you follow them, so these tips are as follows:

  • Coat the backside of the lashes: Ones you are done with the front side than roll the brush back while looking down and carefully coating back. It will give a more curly and beautiful look to the eyes.
  • Use the small brush to dust the lashes: Use a bit of baby powder in between lashes to make the lashes non-sticky after applying mascara.
  • Be flexible: Bend your mascara wand and be flexible while applying it and use the mascara brush gently.
  • Keep the mascara closed tube in hot water if it is hard or clumpy: Make sure to tightly close the cap and set the mascara in hot water for few minutes that will melt the clumpy mascara in a soft and smooth one.
  • Use a toothbrush: If your mascara brush went clumpier, than you can also use a toothbrush as an alternative option for your lashes.
  • Don’t pump the brush in mascara tube continuously: This will allow the air to pump up in the tube and mascara will get clumpy due to it. Just pump in once or twice.

Simply follow these tips while applying mascara and enjoy your beautiful makeup with perfect eyelashes.

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