Best Lipstick Shades – Choose the Right Shade for Lips

Best Lipstick Shades – Choose the Right Shade for Lips

Lipsticks are an essential part of cosmetics without which makeup is incomplete. There are various brands and shades of lipsticks available, but one should always purchase recognized brands which use high-quality products. Using low-quality lipsticks can ruin your original lip shade. Always choose shades of lipsticks that suit your skin tone, features, and personality.

How to Choose the Right Shade of Lipstick

The most confusing question while making a purchase is to choose the right shade of lipstick. Some people prefer to match lip shades with their dress color, but others prefer shades that suit their skin color tone. The best way to choose a lipstick shade is to do a skin swatch test on the back of your hand. It is best not to try directly on lips as it is not hygienic.
Lipsticks now are available in various categories like matte, glossy, cream, lip stains, frosted, satin, and moisturizing lipsticks.

Sampure Matte Lipstick

Sampure matte formulas have unique eight-color shades. These have a velvety touch and smooth transfer-free finish. These lipsticks are halal and certified as vegan because. The matte or shine, nude or bold lipsticks shade have a smooth moisturized texture. Made of 100% Halal ingredients, Sampure has made itself a trusted brand for conscious Muslim women.

Matte lipstick shades by this brand are trending, and the popular rich colors offered by the brand are as follows:
• Playful Pink
• Canyon Rose
• Ribbon Red
• Precious
• Sunset
• Sandstone
• Cherry Kisses
• Vintage

PHB Pure Organic Lipstick

When you look for beauty products, be wary of their ingredients. Harmful and toxic ingredients are a risk and dangerous not only on your skin but also your overall health. Trying a new brand is always risky and cause for nervousness as it may not suit your skin type and cause a reaction.

PHB is a brand that can be trusted. It is an ethical brand that not only has safe ingredients but also is manufactured with the highest level of safe methods both for you and the environment. PHB lipsticks are available in multiple shades and the products are 100% natural, minimizing the chance of infection, itching, darkness on the lips.

These products are organic and 100% natural, which is an excellent deal for your skin to be fresh and free from damage. The pure mineral pigments are infused creating shades in rich colors. ThAvailable both in matte and glossy, pure lip colors are now available across the region. The best lipstick shades are:
• Apricot
• Amber
• Camellia
• Cranberry
• Cocoa
• Grace
• Mulberry
• Peach

Domani Matte Lipstick

Halal Domani beauty matte lipsticks are highly pigmented with a long-lasting velvety finish. These are made using an innovative cruelty free formula that keeps the lips hydrated. If you are looking for the best brown or red lipstick shades, Domani matte lipsticks are a best seller choice.
Although their Pink lipstick shades are unique and high in demand, they have a large offering for all shades.
• Barbera
• Bardolino
• Soave
• Marsala
• Nebbiolo

Talent Crystal Dia Color Lip

Talent Crystal Dia Color Lip is gentle on lips, which make you feel light and comfortable and gives you an extraordinary fantastic look. The shining pearl adds a shiny gloss to the lip and provides the ingredients that are essential for lip care and protection. The most trending shades of this brand are:
• Deep Red
• Red
• Oragen Coral
• Sweet Orange
• Flower Pink
• Rose Pink

How to Apply Double Shade Lipstick

A popular trend, double shade lipstick application is often confusing. Pick the dress you are going to wear and pick a dark and light shade that will complement your skin tone and the dress color. Apply the first layer with the first dark lipstick shade and then apply the second shade that is light. This will tone the shade of the lipstick and also provide longer wear coverage.

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