Best Foundations for Oily Skin

Best Foundations for Oily Skin

While watching the pictures and videos on Instagram and Facebook, the first glimpse that attracts us is the fresh face, smooth and shiny flawless skin. Nowadays, the makeup tutorials and the pictures of models, actresses, and other women make every girl think of her own skin. The glow and shine on the face make every girl fall in love with the skin.

Usually, every girl kept on thinking of her looks and is usually worried all the time with thinking of either she is looking good or not. She hides her feelings when she is upset with her oily skin or acne. She wanted to get the best compliments on her looks but is worried about hearing a bad compliment on her skin. Every flattering and good compliment about her looks makes her whole day happy.

Are you thinking of your oily skin and wondering about getting perfectly smooth skin? Don't worry; your best partner is here! The PHB Foundation. It is the best foundation for oily skin in Pakistan.

The girls wonder to have flawless skin, free from all marks, oil, dryness, and acne. Makeup has become a part of our life now; we all want to look fabulous among all. We girls do not want to look fabulous for others but ourselves.

The biggest nightmare for a girl is to hear the criticism about herself, which is perhaps uncontrollable for anyone. Because our skin complexion or the oily skin texture is not what we have decided on our own, it's all-natural. People don't let us live as the way we are; only a few girls are confident about what they are and are satisfied with their skin.

However, this is not the story of an individual; it's our society's basic perception now. Everyone falls for the fake beauty that appears with the makeup. A girl thinks twice before leaving home without makeup; why? Because she is afraid to hear any compliment for her skin tone, complexion, oily, or dry skin texture of acne.

Makeup gives us confidence; this is the bitter truth in today's world. Girls are happy and confident by wearing makeup instead of without it. She is attracted to cosmetics only because she wants to look perfect, not only on occasions or at parties but also daily. Some girls apply very light and natural makeup that gives a flawless shine to their faces.

Don't panic if you are not satisfied with your oily skin and complexion or wanted to have surgery. No way! Stay calm and feel pretty within yourself; find the best partner for yourself, which is none other than "makeup foundation."

Best Face Foundations

The face foundation is the powder or liquid makeup that will help you get a uniform color and even complexion. It will cover all your skin flaws and gives you a natural skin tone.

Every foundation may not help you hide the oil on your oily skin; for this, try to get the foundation for oily skin, which is available easily in the market. You may not want to experiment with the new foundations for your skin, but the best foundation for oily skin in Pakistan which you can apply confidently which giving a second thought are:

  • PHB Loose Mineral Foundation
  • PHB Mini Loose Foundation
  • PHB Pressed Foundation

All these are the foundation makeup for oily skin. These will give you the best coverage for your oily skin tone and make you feel fresh and young. PHB minerals and other natural ingredients are added to it, giving long-lasting coverage and letting the skin breathe. Our pores play a very crucial role when we apply makeup.

However, these foundations are the best face foundations that will give you smooth coverage. The silky texture by any of this foundation will not make you feel as you are wearing any makeup; the result is exquisite.

You can use a highlighter, blush, or even any face powder on your skin, worrying for it to become cakey makeup. You can take the foundation according to your skin color by matching and applying it while testing on your face skin between jawline and cheek; this will help to find the exact match; make sure to apply it with the help of a brush as it blends much smoother than my finger or hand.

How to Match Foundation to your Skin Online

The testing is simple as all you need to do to check your wrist vein color in the daylight. If your veins look more likely to be blue, then inky undertones of the cool coloring of foundation will best suit you, but if the veins are more like green in color, then go for warm coloring or olive/yellow undertones. It is the simple way to determine the color, but when you are searching it online:

  • First, know your skin concerns. (Check if your T-zone is oily by noon?) If yes, then you have oily skin.
  • Find the best foundation for oily skin and identify your undertones like whether your skin is cold, warm, toned, etc. this will give a perfect match of foundation to your skin.
  • Choose proper coverage for your skin by checking out all colors available.
  • Customize your foundation shade
  • If required, then go for a mixed shade or go lighter with color if you have any doubts.
  • Read the online description available for each color of foundation, shade, skin type, and other details.

You will get the perfect match and enjoy every season, either the hot summers or winters, by hiding your oily skin's oil under the best foundation for your skin.

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