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Moisturizing Face & Body Lotion

Moisturizing Face & Body Lotion

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VINCÉ moisturizing Face & Body Lotion is an extra silky formula designed to help firm, moisturize and bring life back to your skin.  It is the perfect and the best moisturizer in Pakistan that hydrates the skin as soon as it touches the surface. This velvet like lotion is enriched with advanced skin lightening agent leaves a light veil on the skin to optimally enhance the skin’s natural fairness giving your skin a luminous radiance.  Light texture, makes skin soft, supple, and smooth to touch. . Regular usage lightens skin tone making it visibly fairer over time.

  • Smoother, more refined skin texture and even skin tone
  • Equally luminous complexion for face and body.
  • Delivers moisture to the skin within minutes.
  • Skin remains soft and moisturized even after multiple washing.
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